The Lineage Cycle

By Michael Taggart

Book 1: The Misbegotten

Since this harsh Winter began, a nightmare has plagued the citizens of the forest city called Home. Every night, they dream of a faceless girl in the forest. Some believe it is a warning about a coming cataclysm. Some feel it is a message from the past, although not even the governing Scholars know enough of the city’s most ancient history to be certain. No one even knows the origin of the Great Tree, the heart of the city, reaching beyond clouds and sight.

But the dream and the message it holds for a simple Weaver named Benn threaten to bring the city to the end of its time, as the arrival of the messenger—“The Mother of us all” as the Mystics call her—grows closer.

Book 2: The Wayward

She's come, and those who have survived her arrival face an uncertain future. In a new, place unfamiliar place, Benn, Neyu, and the other survivors make their way as Ceta travels closer to her goal.

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Book I: The Misbegotten

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